About William

William was one of those rare people whose art flowed out of him as naturally as breathing. 
He was born in 1938 and had no formal training in art past high school.   The vivid characters he brought to life were inspired by his diverse background in theater during the epic societal changes of the 1960s and 70s; along with his 35-year career as a substance abuse counselor.  
When he was a theater major at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, William flourished on stage, and his ability to take on various personas readily spilled over into his visual art.  
William’s dynamic personality served him well as Theatre and Entertainment Director at LSU during the 70’s, and then later as an addictions counselor in Baton Rouge, LA.
All those rolls inspired the characters in William's art.  William's unique perspective on life and society has readily evoked an exhilarating response from all audiences.  

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